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agent February 6, 2019 1 Comment

We have seen many changes in the algorithms that have been used by Google

When people search for content on this popular engine. This is something that has continued to evolve quite a bit, but the biggest change up to this point is yet to start showing the kind of effects it will have on websites. The algorithm is going to be such a powerful change in the long run, that it has been labelled “Mobilegeddon”.

This algorithm comes in response to the always growing number of mobile users that are now surfing the web on a daily basis. A number that is expected to match that of PC users by the year 2018.

The biggest reason why you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly and has a responsive design, is that once with the implementation of Mobilegeddon, your website will only show up in the mobile search results on Google if your site has been adapted for mobile users.

This means that if your website has not been adapted to a responsive design, it will not be displayed in the search results at all. This is something that you really want to avoid because a very large number of internet users are not using their phones to browse the net. This means that you might be missing out on thousands of users who are only going to be given results from pages that have been properly updated.

Any business that wants to get make sure that anyone can see their content from any kind of device, is going to have to make sure that their design is updated with a professional responsive design. This is not the kind of update that you should consider optional. This is essential if you want to survive in the modern world.

Google Mobile Error

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agent April 24, 2015 0 Comments

I’ve been blogging for as long as I’ve been in Online Marketing and working with SEO.

I started blogging while helping a friend with some temporary content and I haven’t stopped ever since. I blog for myself, I blog for a living, and I blog for self-growth and self-education.

Some of my biggest fears when I became interested in blogging: How do I keep up with successful bloggers? How do I stay motivated and inspired? How do I continue producing fresh quality content without burning out?

I am sure many bloggers have different tricks to stay in the game, here is what helps me:

Orangehat marketing and reading

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

Read Constantly

For someone who works so much (while trying to wear ten other hats), this not as simple as it sounds. It’s easy to lose all reading plans on your to-do list until a more convenient time, *actual* work has to be completed first.

Keep in mind, a key component to healthy and necessary competition is regularly seeing someone else’s work and staying on top of industry trends. This also prevents you from becoming burned out and provides new ideas.

This isn’t only focused on keeping up with expert articles and professional resources. It’s about reading itself.

Reading allows me to refresh my mind, switch gears, and make way for motivational ideas to emerge . It’s also the most efficient self-development and personal growth tactic I have personally experienced.

That sounds lovely, but back to the lack-of-time issue…

How do I find time to read, when sleep is a luxury I can’t afford?

Hard Learned Lessons:

Learn to read fast. I have become a pro at reading, especially when it comes to reading industry news. I don’t have time to check RSS feeds: I use my trusted Moz and Hubspot tools to deliver industry news as it happens. You can use Tweetdeck desktop notifications or set up HubSpot Social Inbox email notifications to watch the news without interrupting your workflow. If I spot something reading-worthy, I’ll click the link, scan through, the news is absorbed into my mind. One article at a time keeps me up-to-date…forever a student.


photo credit: Ready Set Monday!!! via photopin cc












Develop your unique way to prioritize your reading list. I have tried lots of note-taking and list-building tools. They all have one problem in common: When I get busy, I don’t remember to “refer to my reading list” before beginning new projects, I also forget to remove out-dated goals. My answer: My irreplaceable inbox, something I can’t overlook!

I send links to myself and don’t clear them out until I read them. I am meticulous with keeping my inbox clean. Thus I force myself to read them as soon as I can.

Write down your ideas as soon as you feel inspired

This is imperative.

The moment the idea comes to your mind and you feel good about it, jot it down. I have my “work bible” next to my desk, just a blank notepad that I hou